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Business Website Prices at B Creative

A business website price is dependent on the size and complexity of your site. For instance a 10 page information website will cost much less than a 60 page multi functioning website or online shop.

Depending on the size your business website could be less than $1000 or could be upwards of $3000.

To break down the costs of a website we will look at different aspects.

  • Domain name – this is essential and will cost $15 per year for a
  • Hosting – This is also essential and can cost from $80 per year upwards depending on your requirements and the size of your website
  • Design of the website – This is a key part and is important to get right. For a small website you could pay $500 for the design
  • Build of the website pages – It does depend on what functions you want but if you budget for $250 per page.

So if you wanted a 3 page website you would be looking at around $1250.

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