website revamp by b creative

Website Revamp with B Creative

Not happy with your current website? Customers complaining about the functionality or look of it? Visitors not converting into customers?. 

If your website has not seen any major updates in years, it has probably fallen behind the latest best practices particularly in terms of accessibility and responsive design. It’s time to give it an overhaul, even if design is the only thing you need to address.

The good news is that you might not have to overhaul everything on your website. 

There may be a number of areas that are already working rather well, and which can either be left untouched or just tweaked a little. And chances are you already have a lot of content, which might need tweaking rather than starting from scratch.

Website Revamp Tips

  • Go over your existing website and see what is and isn’t working – is the content out of date? Is your website responsive on mobile and tablets.
  • Check out your business competitors and see what you like about their websites and what you don’t like
  • Choose a partner to help you with the revamp. If you need it to look unique and engaging then employing a designer might be the way to go.
  • Revist your brand – does it need an update or just some tweaks

Having a website revamp doesn’t have to be super time-consuming. Teaming with B Creative we can make the process super quick and easy

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